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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lead up to the Final and the last days of McRent

Well as Nicholas again so aptly put it: "I'm happy-sad that this trip is ending. Happy that I get to go home and see Toby, sad that we won't be living in our RV in Germany following the U.S. Team anymore." Very well put Nick.

I think we all feel the same way. Our last days before the final were spent camping at Auf der Au Campingplatz in a quaint little town called Nassau; soccer was played, ice cream was eaten, hiking to the Nassau Burg was done, and a great visit and dinner with the Fawcett/Biefeld clan in nearby Diethardt was had.

It was time to "polish up" McRent and pray for our full deposit to be returned.
As luck would have it, by the time we rolled into Friedburg on Saturday morning to return our home on wheels, the nice gentlemen checking us out was easily distracted by a red U.S. Soccer polo that we gave him as he said "The wee-hicle looks fine. Here is your complete deposit back. Enjoy and my warmest wishes to the U.S. goalie..she looks goood. Please give her my personal message. Please. Do you know her? Please tell her she looks good and that I send my warmest wishes." got it buddy, you got it! Thanks again Hope ;)

Shuttle back to Frankfurt where we have checked into the U.S. Soccer Friends and Family team hotel, the Frankfurt Intercontinental. We have been here now less than 36 hours and I think we've all showered 4 times...ah the lap of luxury. "Boys..the mini-bar is NOT free!"

Last night we had a pleasant surprise visit (again) from our little traveling Dawgs! Since we last saw V and Kendyl in Dresden, they have had quite an adventure. I'm sure when Kendyl returns to Norway tomorrow she'll blog about it so you'll have to read it....VERY entertaining! They made the most of their Eurail pass and hit 3 countries in 3 days...highlighted by bad smelling cheese, a death-defying hike that would leave Rose Baker's knees quaking, a watch purchase in Switzerland, a hotel in the red-light district, a midnight drag of their luggage in the boondocks somewhere that made me happy to know I was sitting talking to them! Anyway, so fun seeing the two of them "post-college" living large in Europe and having a you should when you are young! V is recognized on the street for being the famous Mexican player and she'll wear her jersey tonight in hope's of being able to score tickets to the final :) Kendyl is a good agent and wingwoman!

The Frankfurt Intercontinental is HOPPPING! Agents, celebrities, and all of the U.S. Soccer big brass are here. Even ran into MLS commish Don Garber in the elevator who was happy to know we knew about the Sounders 4-3 victory over the Rapids...and was impressed that Ben had his jersey on! Duh Don. Duh! There's a family trip to the U.S. Consul's house today to meet Chelsea Clinton and Dr. Jill Biden, President Obama's delegates for the WC Final. Love it!

Just so happens Lesle's room is next to none other than our own Husky Justin Holliday! He is here trying out for German hoops team, hanging with his brother Drew, who just happens to date Lauren Cheney. Small world. Good times.

The kids have been so cute AND courageous going up to the players they meet! "Hi Rachel (Buehler), good luck tonight, I'm glad you're back in." Ben and Nick whispered to her at breakfast. Zach speechless when being introduced to Alex Morgan. All of the boys genuinely impressed and in awe of these talented young women. Very cool.

There's a hospitality room on Floor Two...wireless and X-box 360 Kinect on the big screen....boys are in heaven! (did I mention the fridge full of free beverages?)

Big breakfast this morning and a surprise visit from our gal Hope. The team stays at a different hotel, but she dropped by to see her family (aunt, uncle, mom, brother, sister, nephew, sister-in-law, cousins AND US! ) So fun to be a part of her entourage and she is so pumped we are here. At least we like to think so.

Long day before an 8:45pm kick-off! Tonight we are in the lap of luxury parking McRent (we're on the family party bus to the stadium). No beer/brats AS dinner..we'll be fed beforehand and the beer/brats will be side-dishes!

Time to exercise today, shower again, and get ready for the big show! Amy has received a Prozone (same editing system we use at UW) video analysis of the japan/sweden game from a US Soccer buddy and we spent some time looking at it...HOLY MOLY ...the Japanese are as impressive in video breakdown as they are on the field.

Last night we watched the 3rd place game with the US Soccer Families and the room seemed to be divided. I was pulling for Sweden as #8, Lotte Shelin (sp?) is one of Hope's good friends that she played with in Sweden and she's had a terrific tournament. Cool for them to win DOWN a player. France was a terrific team to watch...will be interesting to see them moving forward..they have been as good as I've ever seen them. What has happened to China and Norway??? There are new powers in women's soccer for sure!

Tonight we'll be in Row 3, painted up and screaming our heads off! It has been so great to be fans during this tournament and we're confident the U.S. will be able to peak tonight and bring home their 3rd World Cup Title. It's time. We will blog the last big event when we're home most likely and download some more photos then.

Camp awaits us as does the Sounders/Man U game Wednesday. A few more weeks and it's the 2011 Husky Season! Fired up to get back to the team.

Thanks again for reading. #12.4.11 #OAM #Unbroken WOOF.

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