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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Peaks and Pics of San Marino

Surrounded by Italy, San Marino is a country that spreads a mere 61 square kilometers (that is about 23.5 miles) P.S. throughout my travels I am constantly annoyed by our lack of ability to go metric.  Didn’t we all learn it in 3rd grade?  Come on already!!! San Marino is the oldest surviving Republic.  It’s 3 steep peaks and rugged slopes were a big reason it was a safe haven that folks left alone back in the day; it was just too difficult a terrain and too small a territory to fight over. 
Hotel is at the top of this peak in San Ramino
 Today, the 3 steep peaks with castles atop and the 360-degree breathtaking view make it a destination for many travelers.    Throughout it’s 1,700 year history, there have been many unique reasons San Marino has been able to keep its independence amidst all the political and powerful turmoil that Europe has faced.  Dating back from the days of the Roman empire to now, San Marino has always been a place of peace.  Abraham Lincoln became an honorary citizen during his tenure due to the fact he sent a personalized hand written note thanking San Marino for their support and congratulatory message when the 13 th Amendment was passed.
San Marino has 8 political parties, elects 2 presidents every 6 months. 
One of these things is not like the other.....
With 32,000 citizens there is a solid chance you will get to be president of San Marino at some point.  Would you like to become a citizen?

On guard
 If so, you need to reside in San Marino for 40 years or marry a citizen and stay married for a minimum of 15 years.
Lorengo government building
Atop the Prima Torre Castle
After crunching the numbers, Brendan and Jack decided they should begin their residency now as their window of opportunity was closing to make an Olympic Team. 
Jack & Brendan in preparation for the San Marino tryouts
Jack was thinking he would try his hand at the luge and Brendan was hoping for representing San Marino in World Cup qualifications.  

San Marino is known for perfume, lotions and stamps; but our team will remember the castles, Karaoke and their first attempt (meaning there will be more this Fall) at a Dutch Auction.  Teams of 5 are asked to perform impromptu which the staff gives points to.  Skits that earn the highest bid end up winning the Auction.  Highlights were Jammer’s impersonation of our bus driver and the team’s take on our pre-game meetings.
Huskies replicate our daily bus ride

Hillary's goal in the Final Four

One skit:, “A sports broadcast after the Huskies play a match in the College Cup.”  I am embarrassed to say that one member of our team asked, “Wait! Do we win or lose the game?" Hence, one of the main reasons we are loving this trip away from the daily grind.  It is clear our team knows how to work, compete and succeed when a specific task is set before them.  But, in the pandemonium of life we forget how healing it is to take a breath, slow down and yes, even dream.  Winning the College Cup needs to be so clear in all of our heads, we can feel the excitement, see WASHINGTON painted on the field and know we have it within our reach; it begins with a dream that we meld into a goal; together. 
Ready! Aim! Fire!

Sunset sisters 


  1. Glad you are all having fun and success in Italy! I've enjoyed reading your adventures. And I'm really glad Jack is there to make sure you don't leave your camera behind. Travel safe!

    Elysia from Si Boards, Inc

  2. Everyone has noticed that Jack is not bad to have around!!!!
    Thanks for reading!