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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Griffins

"The Boys" have followed their share of soccer matches over the years. Avid fans of the USA, Seattle Sounders, and the Huskies, they have become more than fans, but opinionated critics. They agree that following a match on game tracker is painful, but if that means a later bed time, then you will find them glued to the computer screen hitting "refresh" furiously.

Benjamin fancies himself of more of an attacking minded player (ball hog), while Nicholas enjoys squelching anything that comes near the goal. Jack's size 13 cleats make it tough for anyone to get by him. He prefers soccer tennis over an 11 aside match. It drives me crazy that he is up on me by 3 games. That will change over the course of our World Cup Trip.

All in all I am lucky these 3 are a big part of my life. When the Huskies win a game, they are the first people I want to see. And when we lose? Well, a hug from them helps keep it all in perspective. I travel without these guys far too often and the fact I get to share this experience with them is fantastic. I cannot picture which moments will be the ones that we look back on and say, "Remember when.....?." but there will be some for sure. And all of us will be able to say, "Yes! I remember!"

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