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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Women's World Cup! Here We Come!

I am Amy.

I am a huge US Soccer fanatic. Maybe it's because I was a member of the 1991 first ever World Championship Team, or because I was a commentator during the 1995 and 1999 World Cups. Quite possibly it could be due to the fact I have watched my close friends in agony as victories have slipped away in the time it takes for a heart to beat. Or, it could be because my body is covered in goosebumps when I see them bend slightly, still sweating, to receive their medal on the top podium. I have helped with the Youth National Teams occasionally in their quest to win a World Cup and am like a kid when I get to slip on the slightly tight fitting training gear with the US Soccer crest.

But this summer. This summer, I get to travel with my best friend and family as a fan. Yep, that's right! Together we will belt out our national anthem, and I can already picture my kids giggling and pointing saying, "Look! Mom's crying again!"

Before the FIFA Fair Play flags are marched out on the field and the anthems play, we will make sure you get to know the cast of characters that will most likely fill up a big portion of this BLOG.


  1. G's!!! I miss you all. Have a good time and I will be thinking of you during 6am gut busting workouts. I'm gonna wear a soccer shirt all day every day. Go USA!

  2. Cannot WAIT to hear of your adventures. Make sure to bring back lederhosen for Toby...

  3. Fun!I watched the Germany vs Canada game and thought of you guys, and what it must be like to be there live! The womens game has grown so much!

  4. Please tell Hope that the Purple #1 looks great!

  5. Isn't Hope wearing the Purple in honor of the UW and the traveling 3 G's? I sure think so! :-)

  6. We'll be watching you!!! Stay safe.